The trophy isn’t for dreamers…

Last week I was invited to an event hosted by The Future Awards Africa in collaboration with The University of Sussex UK

I got there earlier than the appointed time so I met a competition they held for primary and secondary schools in Lagos State

The competition was basically about the use of technology in solving problems. All the students handled their presentation beautifully well, however, there was a student that stood out from the others.

I want to share the particular thing he did that made him standout and win the competition.

While other students were rendering their beautiful presentations about how an app can become the “new” hospital or how CCTV can be added to traffic lights thereby solving insecurity problems and so on…

This particular student also came out and rendered his own presentation on converting the noise around us(sound energy) to electricity but he didn’t stop at telling us…he went a little further to SHOW us how it’s done

He brought out his lamp that was really low on energy and shouted into a cone like funnel which was connected to the lamp and viola!

The lamp came on!?

And won the competition?

That DEMONSTRATION was what wowed the audience…and truthfully that was the presentation we all remembered just because he took a little step further to SHOW us HOW it’s done

I’m sure you have already started tell people your big plans for 2019…it’s good you have great plans for next year

But if you want to win in 2019…you MUST DAILY FIGHT mediocrity and procrastination. Take little step further to SHOW us how it’s done

You have to believe and PUSH yourself out of your COMFORT ZONE to bring your ideas to reality.

You will have to be the ONE person that went the EXTRA MILE and made it happen

The trophy isn’t for dreamers?

Cheers to a winning year ahead?

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