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How to Get An Invitation Letter to SCOAN Fast: A Simple Guide

Planning a SCOAN visit? We know how incredibly difficult it can be to get an official letter of invitation from the church to visit The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Lagos – Nigeria. But here we recommend how you can easily get an invitation letter if you want to visit SCOAN.

Get an Invitation Letter Now.

The essence of an invitation letter is for visa application. The Nigeria Embassy or High Commission expects a letter of invitation from your host in Nigeria, accepting immigration responsibilities on behalf of you. This is part of the visa application requirements.

The SCOAN cannot officially invite everyone due to the volume of requests. If you have run out of patience waiting for an invitation letter from the church, you can get one from Destinali Hotel & Travels.  As a matter of necessity, you can plan your entire visit to Nigeria with Destinali. This means you can make hotel booking with them, get a letter of invitation, airport pick-up/drop-off, and even get your visa on arrival approval documents through them when needed.

The good thing with arranging your visit with Destinali is, you can make all payments for invitation processing, room reservation and airport pick-up on arrival.

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How to get an invitation letter for SCOAN visit

  • Schedule your dates of visit
  • Decide your daily accommodation budget
  • Contact Destinali Hotel and Travels and send in a copy of your passport
  • Get your invitation letter with reservation confirmation within 24 hours

As a guide, you will need to plan your dates of visit allowing at least 1-3 weeks for visa processing, unless of course you want to fast track your visit by applying for the visa on arrival. For the best possible experience at the SCOAN, it is advisable to schedule your visit to cover up to two Sundays. This means you can plan to arrive on a Friday or Saturday, spending 9 to 10 days so you will be able to attend two Sunday services. This is because there are no weekday services at the moment. While one Sunday service is enough for you to get your healing, deliverance and breakthrough, it is recommended that you schedule your visit to cover two Sundays.

Having made up your mind on your dates of visit, choose your accommodation budget. Destinali has budget hotel rooms from $15. They also have standard hotel rooms for $20 to $30 per night. They also have deluxe rooms for $40, $50, $60 or $70 per night depending on your budget and need. You don’t necessarily need to make any payment upfront.

Now you can contact Destinali (, letting them know your proposed dates of visit and daily accommodation budget. You will also need to send them a copy of your travel passport before your invitation is processed.

It takes within hours or a day at most to get your invitation letter and reservation confirmation via email. With that, you will be able to proceed with visa processing. You can find Nigeria visa processing fees and requirements here.

Here’s a sample letter of invitation from Destinali:

SCOAN invitation letter

Note that the invitation letter will come with the Nigerian passport of the signatory to the letter and also reservation confirmation. This is proof of proper travel arrangements, which you will present to the Nigerian Consulate/Embassy/High Commission.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of visa application, you can instead choose to apply for a Nigerian visa on arrival. However, you must get the visa on arrival approval letter before you can travel. Here is how you can get your Nigerian visa on arrival approval within 48 hours.

If you process your visa on arrival approval through Destinali, you won’t be charged the cost of invitation processing again. Here is why most people chose the Nigerian visa on arrival.

Requirements for Getting an Invitation Letter

To get your letter of invitation from Destinali Hotel & Travels, here is what is generally required of you:

  1. Your proposed dates of visit (from when to what date?).
  2. Your daily accommodation budget. Hotel is within 3 minutes walk away from the SCOAN,and  has rooms for $15, $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $70, $80, $90 or $110 per night, depending on your budget. This is needed to make reservation and also send you a confirmation, which you will present to the embassy as evidence of proper travel arrangement.
  3. Your address – this is required in the letter of invitation.
  4. A copy of your passport data page. This is needed to confirm the validity of your passport. Destinali, as your host, are also required to send you a valid Nigerian passport of the signatory to the invitation letter.

As part of the process, they are also required to pick you up from the airport on arrival and drop you off at departure to guarantee your safety. This means you will need to send them your flight itinerary (flight ticket) so they can let you know how you will be received at the airport.

You will also be given a guide to the church and on the SCOAN procedures to make your visit to the SCOAN a fulfilled one.

Get in Touch With Destinali NOW to Plan your Visit.

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