Letter of Invitation to Nigeria (for Visa Processing)

Getting a Letter of Invitation for Nigerian Visa


“Do I need a letter of invitation to visit Nigeria?” YES! If you need a visa to enter Nigeria, then you will also need a letter of invitation to visit Nigeria. The letter of invitation is a compulsory visa application requirement.

Here is how a typical invitation letter to Nigeria should look:

Letter of Invitation to Nigeria
Sample letter of invitation to Nigeria for visa processing.

Yes, that’s something like this:

“Embassy of Nigeria,
30 Samora Machel Ave,



DATE OF BIRTH: xx xxxx xxxx
ADDRESS: Zimbabwe.

I would like to invite MUNJOMA JOSIAH to Nigeria for the duration of 2nd January, 2019 to 8th January, 2019.

The purpose of his visit is for tourism and hotel reservation has been made on his behalf for the period of days that he will be staying while in Nigeria.

I will bear responsibility for his immigration rules and regulations till he leaves the country and appreciate therefore if he is assisted adequately in his quest to secure a relevant clearance to enter the country for the stated purpose only.

Yours sincerely,”

The letter is from your “supposed host” in Nigeria, be it a person or organization. The host has to clearly indicate in the letter acceptance of immigration responsibility.

Normally in the case of a personal invitation, the passport copy of the signatory must be attached to the letter. If however, it is a company or organization inviting you, the registration/incorporation certificate of the company must be attached, that is a document from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

How to Get an Invitation Letter to Nigeria?

If you need an invitation letter to process a Nigerian visa, you can fill a short form on the Destinali website, a travel company in Nigeria. Or send a mail to

Essentially, the information required of you will be your proposed dates of visit (check-in and check-out) and a copy of your passport data page for verification purposes. Optionally, if you like, you may also let them know your daily room budget so they can recommend and/or book a room on your behalf and send you a reservation confirmation. Note that a confirmation of reservation is also a Nigerian visa application requirement.

Need a letter of invitation to Nigeria? Contact Destinali.

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