is divorce a sin

Is divorce a sin? Or does God approve of divorce?

For the purpose of clarity, divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. It can also mean separating a person, an idea, a subject, etc from something; to keep two things separate. Thanks to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (8th Edition).

Now, the many debates so many pull just to support the “no divorce until death do you part” notion even in dire situations is alarming.

Please don’t give me “the-bible-said-divorce-is-a-sin or you-can’t-marry-while-your-former-partner-is-alive” line, i know all of that and I even know where it’s recorded. It’s in Matthew 19 vs 9 and 1st Corinthians 7 verses 10, 11 and 39 precisely. I must say it’s funny how thieves, serial fornicators, adulterers, murderers etc harp on this portion. Is it that that’s the only commandment or righteousness you’ve seen in the bible to keep? You didn’t see other commandments?

As a matter of fact, I want to look at it today from the same point too. I read this bible portion again and found this in verses 15 and 16 of it. It says “If your husband or wife isn’t a follower of the Lord and decides to divorce you, then you should agree to it. You are no longer bound to that person. After all, GOD CHOSE YOU and WANTS YOU TO LIVE IN PEACE. And besides, how do you know if you will be able to save your husband or wife who isn’t a follower?” –1st Corinthians 7 vs 15-16 {CEV}.

You missed that right?

Let me give it to you again with the New International Version {NIV}:

“But if the unbeliever leaves, let it be so. The brother or sister isn’t bound in such circumstances; God has called us to live in peace. How do you know, wife, whether you will save your husband? Or, how do you know, husband, whether you will save your wife?”.

Hear the Message Bible version {MSG}:

“On the other hand, if the unbelieving spouse walks out, you’ve got to let him or her go. You don’t have to hold on desperately. God has called us to make the best out of it as peacefully as we can.”
Read the rest for yourself.

No marriage is perfect. We know everyone has flaws but if the lady who her unbeliever husband killed and stuffed her body in a bucket in Lagos had a second chance, she would have known better than stay with that man (the story is on every blog). If the banker who was poisoned with sniper by her unbelieving husband had a second chance, she would’ve known better (this story is on blog too). If the men who got their penises sliced or cut off by their unbelieving, aggressive and mad women/wives had a second chance, they would’ve known better than stay with such women. I call them unbelievers because no believer who’s rooted in Jesus and the word can commit such atrocity against a fellow human. We read these stories on blogs on here everyday, we see these things happening in our neighbourhood, we hear the stories of those who were once victims but all we do is turn blind eyes and deaf ears. Here’s another story of a lady who was brutally murdered by her husband all because she wasn’t brave enough to walk out of the marriage.

is divorce a sin

My questions to you over-religious people on this topic are as follows:

  • Is divorce still a sin?
  • If the other partner gets married again after being divorced, should this other partner stay and wait for him/her to die before getting married?
  • In the case of repeated domestic violence (asvin the type the victim; male or female is being beaten to a-step-away-from-death stage), verbal abuse, emotional torture etc, should one be advised to stay since divorce is a sin?

Brethren, do not for any reason encourage anybody to stay in a life-threatening situation. Do not encourage somebody’s child to do that! Violence isn’t love and love isn’t violent. If this vicious cycle continues, it might be you or yours that’ll get trapped in it.

May God help us in these filthy rags we call self-righteousness.

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