How an illegal black-market kerosene seller ruined this little girl

This is the sad story of 8 year-old Blessing Chukwunonso, a pretty, smiling innocent girl who lost her skin, beauty and smile to an inferno caused by adulterated kerosene.

Blessing Chukwunonso

The big question is, will her smile ever return? It is sad to see a young innocent girl suffer this way as a result of some greedy, dubious “businessman” who will rather line his pockets with filthy money, not minding the safety of the customer who toils the earth to patronize him.

Blessing’s mother is said to have bought adulterated kerosene (unknowingly) to lit up the lamp in their home. The result is a fire incident that would maim the poor girl’s life for good (or bad).

Here’s the story as narrated by Ekwekeekwee Ogidi:

“That her beautiful smile changed forever in less than 2 months after we took that group photo on my father’s burial in April 2017. Her name is Blessing Chukwunonso, she’s 8 years old from Ire Ogidi Village in Idemmili North Local Government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria.

I visited my home town last month and went to Church on Sunday 5th of August, 2018 but during the Mass, I noticed a little girl that was burnt by fire badly but not knowing that she was the same girl I took photos with her family a year earlier.

After the Mass, I asked my Mother who that little girl was? And she told me that is Blessing, Chukwunonso’s daughter? ? ? ?.  Immediately, I grabbed my phone and showed her that photo we took a year earlier and she said yes it’s her ?. That her mum bought kerosene from the market not knowing that it was mixed up with fuel  ⛽️being that there’s scarcity of kerosene as of that time so some illegal dealers mixed it up with fuel to make more money.

So one morning in June last year, her mum wanted to refill her lamp with the mixed up (kerosene-fuel ) if I may name it like that, and it burst into fire ?. On her struggling to put it off as that happened on a table and not knowing that her first Daughter was coming behind her and her left arm was already on fire. So she dropped the lamp on her and the fire started from her head to down.

Now, all I want or we want to do is to find any good hospital anywhere in the world, get a price and picture on how she’ll look after the surgery then find a way to raise money for this little girl which I’ve started making some contact here in London.

But until we get a Hospital and the amount of the surgery, we’re yet to do any charity or donations. All we need now is any contact or information of a good surgery hospital and to help us share it please. Thanks.
If it touches you please #SHARE”

If you have any idea how Blessing’s smile can be restored, you can contact Ekwekeekwee Ogidi on Facebook.

Blessing Chukwunonso’s story in photos

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