beg her

“Help me beg her to return my manhood oh”

That was the cry for help. He accused his wife of stealing his manhood. He was a womaniser and his wife had told him “she would show him”.

The other challenge was that business was on the down for him. He visited a babalawo that told him, his wife had used his manhood for rituals.

But the wife was not wealthy. She did find it amusing initially until he called a family meeting to mention it and asked his family and hers to intercede or he would kill her.

As the shouting match was ongoing, he was called into the room to understand the root cause. Then we saw diuretics and other BP medication.

“Uncle how long have you been on these drugs?”

He said 6 months. When did his “manhood” stop working? 3 months ago.

So we advised. “Stop the drugs and ask your doctor for other BP and heart medication”. A side effect of some BP drugs, is loss of manhood. He was unconvinced but gave it a try.

Well his manhood is back. It was confirmed when Bisi the food seller accused him of responsibility for her pregnancy.

Aaarh! Another family meeting looms in Uncle’s house!

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