70% of marriages will be dissolved if DNA test is made mandatory

So the trending topic for this week on the Nigerian social media space is DNA test. Ever since one uncle found out via DNA test that his 1 year plus daughter isn’t his and posted it on Instagram, we no hear word again. ?

I can’t help but laugh at the reactions from so many men and women. Some are kicking against it as if their life depends on it ? ? ? ?… The one that just made me roll on the floor with laughter is one post that I came across on here that said 99% of firstborns don’t belong to their parents. Oh Jesu!! ???…

“DeoxyriboNucleic Acid(DNA) test also known as genetic fingerprinting is the use of DNA profiling to determine whether two individuals are biologically parent and child. A paternity test establishes genetic proof whether a man is the biological father of an individual and a maternity test establishes whether a mother is the biological mother of an individual.”
Medical Dictionary.

In DNA testing also, someone’s data can be analysed to see if they have committed a particular crime or not. Sibling DNA test helps two people know if they belong to or share the same father(parents) or not.
Samples used for the test includes, blood, buccal (cheek) swabs or saliva and hair.

That said, all I expect you people to kick against is the cost of the test in Nigeria not the procedure.

Truth is, these things are happening everyday and 70℅ of most marriages will be dissolved if DNA test is made mandatory. So many “good bye sex” has made innocent men fathers of children they think are theirs.

Cheating on a man and still making him responsible for your pregnancy is barbaric and wickedly satanic! If your man isn’t ready to be a father yet please close your legs! If your intention was to use pregnancy and trap him and it backfired please bear the brunt alone. Don’t go and force it on an innocent man who genuinely loves you. Haba! The worst thing you can ever do to a child is giving him/her a wrong identity.

For those who know and are very sure they are guilty of this; please tell your children the truth.

Again, here in Nigeria, most health care providers are careless or plain wicked. The numerous stories of babies being sold immediately after birth for huge sums or exchanged with another baby is heart wrenching so let your trusted friend/sibling/spouse accompany you to the labour room. Let them monitor everything that happens from delivery to when the baby is being taken care of and returned to you. That way, your child won’t be exchanged or sold.

DNA test ain’t bad! If you feel the need to know the truth, do so without hesitation. As a man, if you have proofs you’ve been with a cheating partner, carry out a DNA test on your children.
If you are even doubting your father or mother sef, goan do a DNA test. It saves you from unnecessary headache.

Happy DNA testing Nigeria ??

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