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Destinali, Nigeria’s travel company, launches and promises to be your “trusted friend” whenever you want to make a visit to Nigeria from any country in the world. The travel agency has been around for some time now, but has promised to do even more having been recently awarded incorporation status by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

What’s unique about Destinali is their approach – simplifying the whole travel process so you literally just have to jump in the plane! The company works with knowledgeable locals around Nigeria’s 36 states and federal capital territory, Abuja, though understandably it is headquartered in the commercial city of Lagos.

Destinali prides itself as the one-stop solution to your travel needs – and that is not an overstatement with it’s amazingly unique travel products.

Invitation to Nigeria

First, they offer invitation services where you can very easily get a letter of invitation for visa application. This is a game-changer, because getting an invitation to Nigeria has never been this easy. One of the requirements for Nigerian visa application is that you must be invited by someone or an organisation/company in Nigeria, with the person, organisation or company accepting to bear immigration responsibilities.

But what if you don’t know anyone in Nigeria and you have to visit anyway, what do you do? That is why this service is very game-changing because it is the first of it’s kind around these shores. With Destinali, getting a letter of invitation to Nigeria is very easy, as they will process it for you in no time. All that is required of the tourist/visitor is to contact them with a valid passport and payment of the processing fees.

This is the easiest possible way to get an invitation to Nigeria through a well-trusted and world-recognized channel.

Pre-Visit Guide/Info

Want to know about any tourist destination or location in Nigeria? Now you can get precise, accurate insider-information just about any destination you want to visit in Nigeria prior to your visit. This insider-knowledge can help you better plan your visit. You can request for any information for free on the Destinali website.

Affordable Hotel Reservation

Destinali partners with lots of hotels and accommodation providers to sell hotel rooms to you at significantly discounted rates, since their goal is to make sure you pay the lowest prices possible. The travel company lists hotel rooms on its website from as low as $15 (5,000 NGN) per night.

The company also partners with some lodges and properties to offer shared accommodation from as little as $3 (1,000 NGN) per night. This is a no-brainer for budget travelers on long stay.

Destinali comes very handy and immensely helpful for all sorts of visitors – the budget traveler and luxurious tourist.

Flight Comparison and Booking

To save you costs, Destinali offers you a tool right on its website that lets you search for flights and compare prices before you make your booking. This ensures that you get the best flight deals and pay only the lowest rates. The interface is quite easy, and you can do all that on your own online within minutes.

Visa on Arrival Approvals

Even though many visitors to Nigeria prefer a visa on arrival, getting a Nigerian Visa on Arrival approval is incredibly hard…but NOT anymore! Destinali acts as your representatives in Nigeria, and through them you can get your Visa on Arrival (VoA) approval documents in 2 days. They are visa experts and will work closely with the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) to facilitate and fast-track your visa on arrival approval letter.

Secure Airport Transfers

No longer do you have to worry about how safe airport pick-ups and drop-offs in Nigeria are. The company has partnered with top private security companies and the police in order to offer safe, secure airport transfers.

Irrespective of the time of your arrival (whether late at night or very early in the morning), the company will have a team pick you up to your hotel/destination.

Local Guide

Canopy Walk Way
A tour of the Canopy Walk Way in Obudu Ranch Resort, Cross River, Nigeria
Canopy Walk Way
A tour of the Canopy Walk Way in Obudu Ranch Resort, Cross River, Nigeria

The best thing about Destinali that earns them the mantra of being “your trusted friend” is perhaps in their local guide service. The local guides make sure you feel right at home from the very first minute of your arrival.

You can ask them for anything and they’ll be very willing to assist. The essence is to make sure you are not cheated or intimidated by the locals. This will save you lots of costs that unguided visitors normally bear.

Destinali is truly your trusted travel friend, so be ready to tour Nigeria like a local.

Added Value

With lots of FREE added value services, it is easy to see why many visitors/tourists choose Destinali as their travel partner. With years of experience handling visitors of diverse nationalities and backgrounds, the company knows what every visitor needs.

For instance, the company knows visitors expect to make international calls after arrival and also have internet access. And since not all hotels have these facilities, Destinali provides pre-registered, recharged and internet-enabled SIM cards for all visitors shortly after arrival so they can connect immediately with friends and family back home without any hurdles. And what’s very impressive is that they do this for FREE at no extra extra costs to the visitor.

The company also gives you free drops within and around 1000 metres of your location. You can go shopping, to the restaurant, or see nearby places without any charge. The company indeed has lots of other added value services to make you enjoy your visit to Nigeria.

In our chat with the company’s head of marketing and customer acquisition, Peace Eiyetan, she was quick to emphasize the company’s mission:

“To help people visit Nigeria with ease, and contribute to the economic growth of the country; to build trust and be sure visitors feel safe and secure while in Nigeria; to provide reliable travel information and advice to visitors; and to save the visitor to Nigeria huge costs on their trips.”

Evidently, Destinali offers a one-stop solution for all you need to make a trip to Nigeria. You can’t beat this anywhere, and surely you can’t afford to miss a chance to work with the company where your journey to Nigeria should begin. Visit Nigeria with Destinali.

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