Cross River State government owes workers for 7 months+

Trending today is how teachers who were employed seven (7) months ago by governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State have remained unpaid till date.

From gathered facts, a vast majority of teachers in the state have not been paid for seven months. My concern is that the governor collects allocations so large from the Federation Account but consider it a big problem to pay up what he owes his workers.It’s shameful that people are engaged every now and then by the state government only to be used as labourers like the slaves of ancient Egypt.

The reward of labour is wages. Yet the Cross River government now let the hard work of all its teachers become insignificant, and make their every deserved wages come with a belabour of *“abeg, abeg”. This is just disturbing.

These days, I have come to understand that CRS governor enjoy the lamentations of the oppressed. His refusal to pay salaries for about seven months raises the question as to what he thinks about his workers? I wonder if he doesn’t only think of them as slaves and as half-witted living things. The law is curious on this case and it was for abnormalities of this sort that *THE LABOUR ACT* went ahead to make provisions to govern this relation.

Section 1 of the LABOUR ACT, which provides inter alia that the wages of a worker shall on all contracts be made payable in legal tender and not otherwise. The import of this therefore is that after a teacher has fulfilled his/her end of the contract, naira should get to his/her purse. What otherwise portends is that there should be no room for promises in the place of salaries – promises are never a reasonable or plausible money worth for a teacher’s reward after a month’s labour.All will agree, hopefully a morsel of your conscience that it is morally reprehensible for payment of staff to come later than bargained or agreed.

The teachers can bear the stress of standing and teaching children for hours to make them potential leaders. But how can it be understood that they are to embark on a sojourn for seven months without water or food. It never speaks well to treat your workers as refuse; teachers deserve to be paid when the salary date is due.

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