Buhari and the search for the elusive intellectualism – by Samuel O. Ajayi

Even Buhari’s die-hard followers knew yesterday’s outing was a disaster. I have read them. I have seen them mutter brittle defence of another demonstration of intellectual shallowness. But if they were surprised, it was due to their EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT that seems to be yielding zero dividend!

Buhari’s fixation with corruption is an indication of his mono-culturalism in understanding of modern governance.

His supporters know this. And that is why they are torn between contending emotions: do they accede to the demands of commonsense and ditch him or stay enslaved to sentimental attachment and continue the mental torture of defending even the most stupid?

Many of of them are gaoled in their own EMOTIONAL CONTRADICTIONS. How? You engage them privately, they lament about how the former general has disappointed them. But publicly, you will nearly puke at their volte-face and outright repudiation of what they just told you on phone.

In January 2015, shortly after he became Presidential candidate of APC, THISDAY booked an interview appointment with him. It was a session that left his interviewers dozing off. Every question he was asked, he usually linked his response to “fighting corruption”. That was all he knew about. That was his only idea about statecraft.

The tragedy of it all, however, is that he has made mess of that same anti-corruption fight.

And what we have is a hollow cymbal dishing out a discordant tune in a disjointed orchestra…

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