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80% of what your Prophet says to you in the name of prophecy comes from his MIND – Charles Awuzie

Your mother didn’t bewitch you when you were a troublesome young child who was more like a Burden but she worked tirelessly to feed you, take care of you, cloth you and educate you…

Now you are grown and working, a prophet you don’t even know the source of his power is telling you that your own mother is a witch and that you must disconnect from her… And you believed the prophet. ?

Let me tell you the bitter truth… That prophet just wanted to disconnect you from the people you love and care about so that you will henceforth spend all your money on his evil ministry. I know because a Port Harcourt-based prophet once told me at Pego Hotels, Okigwe that he uses this strategy to disconnect his preys from their family to make them see him and his ministry as the only family they have and by so doing, divert everything they would have done for their family to the prophet. I was shaking at the level of wickedness in the pulpit and I pitied gullible miracle seekers who believe in prophets and so called seers. That guy would target you, get all your info and then mention your mother’s name and tell you she’s the witch stopping your blessing. And once you believe him, your family is shattered and you will start spending on him and his ministry as your new family.

My passion is to enlighten Africa… Yes, there is witchcraft but if you believe in Christ, there’s no enchantment against you that will prosper. Stop giving unnecessary attention to suspected witches. I know evil friends around me yet I still keep in touch with them without them knowing that I know them and their evil works against me. My confidence is on the fact that my life and destiny is tied to the vision of Christ so I can only fail if Jesus fails. Hence you don’t hear me write long posts about enemies and haters, etc. I rest.

Have you been told that a relative or friend is bewitching you? Have you started suspecting your mother to be a witch? Are you a victim of prophetic manipulation? Did a prophet tell you that your wife or husband is the reason why you are not progressing? ? I urge you to ignore such evil prophecies and love those they called your enemy.

Believe me, 80% of what your Prophet says to you in the name of prophecy comes from his MIND and not the Holy Spirit. Don’t let a strange prophet destroy your family.


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